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元パンテラ ヴィニー・ポールの訃報を受け、様々なミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表

2018/06/24 06:06掲載(Last Update:2018/06/25 03:58)
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Vinnie Paul
Vinnie Paul
【追悼ヴィニー・ポール】 パンテラ(PANTERA)ヘルイェー(Hellyeah)などでの活躍でも知られるドラマーのヴィニー・ポール(Vinnie Paul)の訃報を受け、様々なミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表しています。

【Update:2018/06/25 03:58】

Philip H Anselmoさん(@philiphanselmo)がシェアした投稿 -

Super sad to learn of the passing of my pal @vinniepaul3 #pantera #damageplan - Say hello to your brother, man! #RIP

Dave Navarroさん(@davenavarro)がシェアした投稿 -

Vinnie last year hanging at the vegas CaboWabo rip #greatdrummer #greatguy #greatfriend #tooyoung

Sammy Hagarさん(@sammyhagar)がシェアした投稿 -

R.I.P To our brother Vinnie Paul. You will be missed. Damn it. All our love. Repost By vinniepaul3

Anthraxさん(@anthrax)がシェアした投稿 -

Very sad news this evening. This man always treated me & the guys in my band like family, from the very first time we ever met him with his brother at a Damageplan gig in Texas? whether backstage at a show, on his crazy tour bus, at his club, at his house, he was always a gracious host to us. He just wanted people around him to be happy. I didn’t see Vinnie much the last time we played a gig together because I heard he was in a very foul mood? this was highly unusual for him. Why was he in a foul mood? Because we were playing a big festival in Chicago, he had bought a TON OF FOOD to grill in the parking lot for everyone (as usual), & the fire marshall came and shut him down before he could start the bar-b-que. That’s the type of dude he was? he just wanted to make sure people were having a good time, & he took steps to make that happen. He also did me a very solid favor when I was in some very serious legal trouble a while back by writing a detailed letter to a judge explaining what had happened to his brother & the need for good stage security? that wasn’t an easy thing for him to do, but he did it anyway because he was a true friend and knew I needed some help? I’ll never forget that, & I made sure he knew I appreciated it. He also never minded when I got in his face with my camera? I took this photo with a 50mm fixed lens at a festival we were playing with Hellyeah in Iowa in 2016? that means I was basically inside his drum kit. When he saw me poking my head in there, he just turned, flashed me this grin, & kept on rocking. I love this photo? Big Vin smiling and doing what he did best. Rest In Peace, Vinnie Paul. You’ll be missed. BIG LOVE.

D. Randall Blytheさん(@drandallblythe)がシェアした投稿 -