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ドナルド・フェイゲンのアンソロジー作品『Cheap Xmas:Donald Fagen Complete』がアナログレコード化決定

2017/11/01 16:14掲載
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Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas:Donald Fagen Complete
Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas:Donald Fagen Complete
ドナルド・フェイゲン(Donald Fagen)名義のオリジナル・アルバム4タイトルとレアリティーズを加えたアンソロジー作品『Cheap Xmas:Donald Fagen Complete』。2012年にデジタルで、今年夏にCDでリリースされたこの大全集のアナログレコード化が決定。アナログレコード5枚組のボックスセットが海外で12月15日発売
●『Cheap Xmas:Donald Fagen Complete』

☆1. The Nightfly

Green Flower Street
Ruby Baby
New Frontier
The Nightfly
The Goodbye Look
Walk Between Raindrops

☆2. Kamakiriad

Trans-Island Skyway
Tomorrow's Girls
Florida Room
On the Dunes
Teahouse On the Tracks

☆3. Morph the Cat

Morph the Cat
H Gang
What I Do
Brite Nightgown
The Great Pagoda of Funn
Security Joan
The Night Belongs To Mona
Mary Shut the Garden Door
Morph the Cat (Reprise)

☆4. Sunken Condos

Slinky Thing
I'm Not the Same Without You
Weather In My Head
The New Breed
Out of the Ghetto
Miss Marlene
Good Stuff
Planet D'Rhonda

☆5. Bonus Tracks

Rhymes (from Nightfly Trilogy box set)
Big Noise New York (B-side to Reprise single W-0196 (U.K.), 1993)
True Companion (from Heavy Metal: Music from the Motion Picture – Asylum)
Confide in Me (B-side to Reprise single 7-18502, 1993)
Blue Lou (from Nightfly Trilogy box set – Reprise 43325, 2007)
Shanghai Confidential (B-side to Warner Bros. single 7-27972, 1988)
Green Flower Street (Live at the Beacon) (from Nightfly Trilogy box set – Reprise, 2007)
Century’s End (from Bright Lights, Big City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Warner Bros., 1988)
Hank’s Pad (Live) (from Nightfly Trilogy box set – Reprise, 2007)
Viva Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live) (from Nightfly Trilogy box set – Reprise, 2007)