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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
ボブ・ディラン(Bob Dylan)が、これまでにためた手書きの歌詞、イラスト、ノート、詩、写真、ビデオフィルム、楽器など6000点を超えるコレクションの数々を米オクラホマ州のタルサ大学に売却。未公開のものも多く含んだこれら「ボブ・ディラン・アーカイブ」は研究利用のほか、展示を予定されているとのこと。ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙によれば、購入したタルサ大学とジョージカイザー・ファミリー財団は、このコレクションに対して1500〜2000万ドル(約17億〜23億円)を支払ったようです。また、すべてのコレクションをカタログ化するのに2年の月日が必要と言われています。


・A notebook from 1974 containing Dylan’s handwritten lyrics to songs that were eventually recorded for the artist’s biggest-selling album, Blood On The Tracks, including “Tangled Up In Blue,” “Simple Twist Of Fate” and “Idiot Wind.”

・Sketches, writings and edits from Tarantula, Dylan’s 1965 groundbreaking collection of experimental poetry.

・Dylan lyrics and chord progressions for unrecorded songs, circa 1970.

・Handwritten notes from Dylan and director Howard Alk, detailing editing notes and shot selects from the films Eat The Document (1971) and Renaldo And Clara (1978).

・Dylan’s 1962 signed contract with Witmark Music, his first music publisher.

・Dylan’s 1966 wallet containing numerous inserts, including paper with Johnny Cash’s address and phone number, as well as a business card from Otis Redding.

・Complete, never-released Dylan concert films from Toronto’s Massey Hall in 1980 and New York’s Supper Club from 1993.

・Dylan’s earliest music recordings from 1959.

・The leather jacket worn by Dylan onstage at The Newport Folk Festival in 1965, the year he “went electric.”

・The surviving harp from inside the piano on which Dylan composed “Like A Rolling Stone.”

・Lyrics to “Chimes Of Freedom,” handwritten by Dylan in 1964 on hotel stationary, complete with annotations and additional verses.

・In-progress and final lyrics to all songs from Dylan’s latter-day masterpiece, Time Out Of Mind, handwritten and annotated by the artist.