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アラン・トゥーサン追悼 ストーンズ、クエストラヴ、シンディ・ローパー、ジョン・オーツ、ハリー・コニック・ジュニアらが追悼メッセージを公開

2015/11/11 02:53掲載
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Allen Toussaint
Allen Toussaint
アラン・トゥーサン(Allen Toussaint)の訃報を受け、ローリング・ストーンズやクエストラヴ、シンディ・ローパー、ジョン・オーツ、ハリー・コニック・ジュニアらが追悼メッセージをSNSに投稿しています。

Man this hit home. Of all the cats that I never had a 1 on 1 convo w/ to pick their brain about their music experiences: this is numero uno. I don't want y'all thinkin' "this is just some old legend that passed away" naw. This dude wrote some of your favorite music & you just didn't know it. He effected SO many genres. That's how you know how potent and effective your art is: when you quietly change the scene w/o proper acknowledgement. If someone had the right to have KWest brag swag it was this man. But his humble quiet disposition wouldn't allow such a thing. His work will now speak for itself. Just take time to peep his work w #LeeDorsey (#GetOutMyLifeWoman #RideYourPony) some of the greatest clever pop tunes crafted. Hip hop heads still salivate over all #TheMeters tunes he produced & shot new energy into the culture once sampling #JamesBrown was becoming stale (#CissyStrut #LookKaPyPy #JustKissedMyBaby #OhCalcutta) then came a slew of artists in the 70s & 80s that took his work & breathed new life into his songs: #YesWeCanCan #LadyMarmalade #WorkingInACoalmine) ---name em! His work was so powerful everyone from #PaulMccartney to #DrJohn to #EricClapton to #TheRollingStones to even #JayZ ("....dear god I wonder can you save me?"....that piano loop? #Toussaint all day) #Amerie's most banging joint? (A Toussaint production sample) at least 12 "Get Out My Life Woman" snares were like starch in hip hop's daily nutritional chart--meaning so there you barely notice it.---I can go on and on. Because his work goes on and on. You'll read better op-eds by professional journalists. Kinda hard to cram all of this hiding from trainer in the gym on iPhone. But i felt the need to write something. When I tag #LegacyGoals I mean it. Humble cat whose work spoke louder than he did. That's what we all need to learn from. Rest In Beats to the powerful #AllenToussaint

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Music lovers around the world today are mourning the passing of the legendary Allen Toussaint. One of the architects of...

Posted by John Oates on 2015年11月10日

Allen Toussaint has died... rest in peace, good friend... #legend

Posted by Harry Connick, Jr. on 2015年11月10日