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Gilles Peterson / Roy Ayers 75th Birthday Mix
Gilles Peterson / Roy Ayers 75th Birthday Mix
ロイ・エアーズ(Roy Ayers)の75歳の誕生日(9月10日)を記念した64分のミックス音源を、DJ/プロデューサー/レーベル・オーナーのジャイルス・ピーターソン(Gilles Peterson)が公開。ジャイルスがお気に入りというロイ・エアーズの60〜80年代の音源で構成されたミックス。リスニング可

Jack Wilson Quartet feat. Roy Ayers – Ramblin’. LP: Ramblin, 1966 (Fresh Sound Records)
Roy Ayers – Lil’s Paradise. LP: Stoned Soul Picnic, 1968 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – The Third Eye. LP: Everybody Loves The Sunshine, 1976 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Intro. LP: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1972 (Verve)
Roy Ayers – Sweet Tears. LP: He’s Coming, 1972 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Ain’t No Sunshine. LP: Red, Black and Green, 1973 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – A Tear to a Smile. LP: A Tear to a Smile, 1975 (polydor)
Roy Ayers – Every Time I See You. LP: You Send Me, 1978 (polydor)
Ethel Beatty – It’s Your Love. 12”: 1981 (Uno melodic)
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – For Real. LP: Step Into Our Life, 1978 (Polydor)
RAMP – I Just Love You. LP: Come Into Knowledge, 1977 (Blue Thumb)
Roy Ayers – Everybody. LP: Lots of Love, 1983 (Uno Melodic)
Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland. LP: Africa Centre of the World, 1981 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Gotta Find a Lover. LP: Lifeline, 1977 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – You Came into my Life. LP: Lets Do It, 1978 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Hummin’. LP: Ubiquity, 1970 (Polydor)
Roy Ayers – Shadows. LP: Daddy Bug, 1969 (Atlantic)