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デイヴ・グロールやコリィ・テイラーらが参加、コロージョン・オブ・コンフォーミティのメンバーによるTeenage Time Killersがアルバムを発売、1曲試聴可

2015/04/22 01:48掲載
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Teenage Time Killers / Greatest Hits Vol. 1
フー・ファイターズのデイヴ・グロール、スリップノットのコリィ・テイラー、元クイーンズ・オブ・ザ・ストーン・エイジのニック・オリヴェリ、デッド・ケネディーズのジェロ・ビアフラらがフィーチャリング参加するプロジェクト・バンド、Teenage Time Killers。アルバム『Greatest Hits Vol. 1』が海外で7月31日発売。リリース元はRise Records。

このプロジェクトは、コロージョン・オブ・コンフォーミティ(Corrosion of Conformity)のリード・マリンとマイク・ディーンを中心にしたもの。プロデュースはJohn "Lou" Lousteauが担当しています。


* Jello Biafra of DEAD KENNEDYS
* Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD
* Dave Grohl and Pat Smear of FOO FIGHTERS
* Nick Oliveri
* Matt Skiba of ALKALINE TRIO
* Corey Taylor of SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR
* Tommy Victor of PRONG and DANZIG
* Lee Ving of FEAR
* Mike "IX" Williams of EYEHATEGOD
* Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY
* Phil Rind of SACRED REICH
* Neil Fallon of CLUTCH


現在、「Hung Out To Dry feat. Randy Blythe」が試聴可。

●『Greatest Hits Vol. 1』

01. "Exploder"

Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Pat Hoed (Bass), London May (Drums)

02. "Crowned By The Light Of The Sun"

Vocals: Neil Fallon
Featuring Jim Rota (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

03. "Hung Out to Dry"

Vocals: Randy Blythe
Featuring Mike Schaefer (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

04. "Power Outage"

Vocals: Clifford Dinsmore
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

05. "Ode to Hannity"

Vocals: Jello Biafra
Featuring Mike Dean (Bass)

06. "Barrio"

Vocals: Matt Skiba
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

07. "The Dead Hand"

Vocals: Reed Mullin
Featuring Woody Weatherman (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

08. "Egobomb"

Vocals: Corey Taylor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

09. "Plank Walk"

Vocals: Pete Stahl
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

10. "Time To Die"

Vocals: Mike IX Williams
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar)

11. "Days Of Degradation"

Vocals: Tommy Victor
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

12. "Clawhoof"

Vocals: Tairrie B. Murphy
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

13. "Big Money"

Vocals: Lee Ving
Featuring Pat Smear (Guitar & Bass), London May (Drums)

14. "Devil In This House"

Vocals: Karl Agell
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

15. "Say Goodnight To The Acolyte"

Vocals: Phil Rind
Featuring Jason Browning (Guitar), Dave Grohl (Bass)

16. "Ignorant People"

Vocals: Tony Foresta
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Nick Oliveri (Bass)

17. "Son Of An Immigrant"

Vocals: Johnny Weber
Featuring Brian Baker (Guitar)

18. "Your Empty Soul"

Vocals: Aaron Beam

19. "Bleeding To Death"

Vocals: Vic Bondi
Featuring Dave Grohl (Bass)

20. "Teenage Time Killer"

Vocals: Trenton Rogers
Featuring Greg Anderson (Guitar), Pat Hoed (Bass)