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Nas <Coachella Festival>のライヴ・フルセット映像44分がYouTubeに

2014/04/14 14:02掲載
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Nas / Life Is Good
Nas / Life Is Good
Nasが<Coachella Festival>に出演。当日配信されたフルセット映像約44分がYouTubeに



“The Genesis”

“N.Y. State of Mind”

”Life’s a Bitch”

“The World Is Yours”

“Dead Presidents” w/ Jay Z

“Where I’m From” w/ Jay Z


“Memory Lane”

“One Time 4 Your Mind”

”One Love”


”It Ain’t Hard To Tell”

“Made You Look”

“Hate Me Now” w/ Diddy

“One Mic”