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2013/11/29 14:46掲載
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Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes
ポール・マッカートニー(Paul McCartney)のオープニング・アクトとして長年にわたりDJを務めたクリス・ホームズ(Chris Holmes)が、ビートルズ(Wings)、ポール、ウイングス(Wings)のトラックを中心にした約106分のDJセット音源を無料DL配信中。

1. venus and mars -langley school project
2. i've got a feeling -beatles
3. come together-ashtar parallel remix
4. why don't we do it in the road -beatles
5. get back- deirdre wilson tabac
6. uncle albert/admiral hamlsey- wings
7. no more lonely nights- paul mccartney
8. b side to seaside- paul and linda mccartney
9. seaside woman- paul and linda mccartney
10. carry that weight- dobby dobson
11. monkeyberry moon delight- screaming jay hawkins
12. memphis- the beatles
13. we can work it out- stevie wonder
14. hey bulldog (erol alkan edit)= beatles
15. say say say- paul mccartney and michael jackson
16. with a little luck- wings
17. goodnight tonight- wings
18. inner light/rain- beatles
19. here comes the sun- charles wright
20. i want to hold your hand- al green
21. getting better all the time- the beatles
22. silly little love songs/temporary secretary- paul mccartney
23. you can't do that- the supremes
24. la jour, la nuit- stone
25. help- dolly parton
26. tomorrow never knows- junior parker
27. daytripper- vontastics/nancy sinatra
28. paperback writer- rb greaves/beatles
29. i saw here standing there- little richard
30. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand)- beatles
31. taxman- don randi/beatles
32. ticket to ride- wee willie walker
33. please please me- mary wells
34. hard days night- otis redding
35. ballad of john and yoko- the electric cow goes moog
36. blackbird- r sweat and the paragons
37. back in the ussr- chubby checker
38. check my machine- paul mccartney
39. don't let me down- charlotte dada
40. hey jude- overton berry trio/bealtes