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マドンナ 最新ライヴ・ツアーのDVD/Blu-ray『MDNA Tour』を8月発売

2013/06/06 22:44掲載(Last Update:2013/08/07 09:38)
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Madonna / MDNA Tour
Madonna / MDNA Tour
マドンナ(Madonna)が最新ライヴ・ツアー<MDNA Tour>の模様を収めたDVD/Blu-ray『MDNA Tour』を英国で8月26日、米国で8月27日発売。30台のカメラを使い撮影された映像を約6ヶ月かけて編集したというビデオ作品

The MDNA DVD was directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and was produced by Madonna.. Executive producers: Arthur Fogel, Guy Oseary and Sara Zambreno. Tour wardrobe was created by Arianne Phillips. Supervising Editor Danny B. Tull. Director of Photography Mark Ritchie.