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シールの2ndアルバム 30周年記念デラックス・エディション発売 「Kiss from a Rose」の未発表別ヴァージョン公開

2024/04/17 12:13掲載
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Seal / Seal II
Seal / Seal II


未発表音源のひとつは、世界的大ヒット曲「Kiss from a Rose」の別ヴァージョン。先行公開されています。


Bring It On (2024 Remaster)
Prayer For The Dying (2024 Remaster)
Dreaming In Metaphors (2024 Remaster)
Don’t Cry (2024 Remaster)
Fast Changes (2024 Remaster)
Kiss From A Rose (2024 Remaster)
People Asking Why (2024 Remaster)
Newborn Friend (2024 Remaster)
If I Could (2024 Remaster)
I’m Alive (2024 Remaster)
Bring It On (Reprise) [2024 Remaster]
Bring It On (Alternate Version)*
Prayer For The Dying (AlternateVersion)*
Kiss From A Rose (AlternateVersion)*
Fast Changes (Alternate Version)*
Newborn Friend (Alternate Version)*
I’m Alive (Alternate Version)
Don’t Cry (Alternate Version)*
People Asking Why (Alternate Version)*
Dreaming In Metaphors (Alternate Version)*
If I Could (Alternate Version)*
Love Is Powerful
Manic Depression (Feat. Jeff Beck)
Blues In E
The Wind Cries Mary
Fly Like An Eagle

*Previously Unreleased