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チープ・トリック/ハート/MR.BIG/ジュリアン・レノンらに楽曲提供 マーク・スピロ死去

2024/04/03 09:04掲載
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Mark Spiro
Mark Spiro
チープ・トリック、ハート、MR.BIG、ジュリアン・レノン、バッド・イングリッシュ、REOスピードワゴン、リタ・フォード、ジョン・ウェイトなど、数多くのアーティストに楽曲提供したソングライターで、プロデューサーやソロ・アーティストとしても活躍したマーク・スピロ(Mark Spiro)が死去。肺がんのため、67歳の誕生日である3月28日に亡くなっています。


Julian Lennon – "Saltwater," Photograph Smile
True Romance soundtrack – "In Dreams" by John Waite
Selena soundtrack – "Only Love" by Selena
Music from Another Room soundtrack – "Day After Day" by Julian Lennon
Anne Murray – "Are You Still in Love with Me"
Lila McCann (Multi-Platinum)
Bad English – "Forget Me Not," "Heaven Is a 4 Letter Word," "Straight to Your Heart," "Pray for Rain," "Life at the Top"
John Waite – "In Dreams," "How Did I Get By Without You"
Giant – “I’ll See You in my Dreams”
Mike Reno
Heart – "Cruel Tears"
Cheap Trick – "Mighty Wings" (Top Gun soundtrack), "Ride the Pony"
REO Speedwagon – "Half Way"
Luis Miguel
Mr. Big – "Ain't Seen Love Like That," "Not One Night"
Kansas – "One Man, One Heart"
Camy Todorow/Kamelia Todorova – "Love is a War"
Seventh Key – "Broken Home" (originally a Kansas demo from 1986, previously unreleased)
Margaret Becker – "Light in the Darkness" (The Reckoning, 1988)