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米ローリングストーン誌が選ぶ「史上最高のヘヴィメタル・ソング TOP100」

2023/03/14 00:26掲載
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Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath
米ローリングストーン誌が選ぶ「史上最高のヘヴィメタル・ソング TOP100」が発表されています。


50 ‘Procreation (of the Wicked),’ Celtic Frost
49 ‘Just One Fix,’ Ministry
48 ‘Walk in the Shadows,’ Queensryche
47 ‘Locust Star,’ Neurosis
46 ‘Night Goat,’ Melvins
45 ‘Symphony of Destruction,’ Megadeth
44 ‘Green Machine,’ Kyuss
43 ‘Bring Me to Life,’ Evanescence
42 ‘Curse You All Men!,’ Emperor
41 ‘Bleed,’ Meshuggah

40 ‘Victim of Changes,’ Judas Priest
39 ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ Metallica
38 ‘Killing in the Name,’ Rage Against the Machine
37 ‘Chop Suey!,’ System of a Down
36 ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane,’ Scorpions
35 ‘Fade to Black,’ Metallica
34 ‘Smoke on the Water,’ Deep Purple
33 ‘Kiss Me Deadly,’ Lita Ford
32 ‘Mother,’ Danzig
31 ‘Heaven and Hell,’ Black Sabbath

30 ‘Enter Sandman,’ Metallica
29 ‘Walk,’ Pantera
28 ‘Holy Wars…the Punishment Due,’ Megadeth
27 ‘Living After Midnight,’ Judas Priest
26 ‘Am I Evil?,’ Diamond Head
25 ‘Rainbow in the Dark,’ Dio
24 ‘South of Heaven,’ Slayer
23 ‘Shout at the Devil,’ Motley Crue
22 ‘Caught in a Mosh,’ Anthrax
21 ‘The Trooper,’ Iron Maiden

20.‘Round and Round,’ Ratt
19. ‘Peace Sells,’ Megadeth
18. ‘Immigrant Song,’ Led Zeppelin
17. ‘Back in Black,’ AC/DC
16. ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name,’ Iron Maiden
15. ‘Angel of Death,’ Slayer
14. ‘Stargazer,’ Rainbow
13. ‘Paranoid,’ Black Sabbath
12. ‘Cult of Personality,’ Living Colour
11. ‘One,’ Metallica

10 ‘Run to the Hills,’ Iron Maiden

9 ‘Holy Diver,’ Dio

8 ‘Raining Blood,’ Slayer

7‘Iron Man,’ Black Sabbath

6 ‘Crazy Train,’ Ozzy Osbourne

5 ‘War Pigs,’ Black Sabbath

4 ‘Breaking the Law,’ Judas Priest

3 ‘Ace of Spades,’ Motorhead

2 ‘Master of Puppets,’ Metallica

1‘Black Sabbath,’ Black Sabbath