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ガービッジ『Beautiful Garbage』20周年記念盤から未発表音源「Shut Your Mouth (Jagz Kooner Radio Mix)」公開

2021/09/01 13:19掲載
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Garbag / Beautiful Garbage
Garbag / Beautiful Garbage
ガービッジ(Garbage)が2001年にリリースした通算3作目のスタジオ・アルバム『Beautiful Garbage』。発売20周年を記念した20thアニヴァーサリー・エディションから、未発表音源「Shut Your Mouth (Jagz Kooner Radio Mix)」が公開





「Androgyny」の未発表ヴァージョン(Rough Mix)のリリックビデオ
■『Beautiful Garbage』3CD EDITION

CD1: Original album remastered
1. Shut Your Mouth
2. Androgyny
3. Can't Cry These Tears
4. Til The Day I Die
5. Cup Of Coffee
6. Silence Is Golden
7. Cherry Lips
8. Breaking Up The Girl
9. Drive You Home
10. Parade
11. Nobody Loves You
12. Untouchable
13. So Like A Rose

CD2: B-sides & alt versions
1. Candy Says
2. Use Me
3. Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion
4. Begging Bone
5. April 10th
6. Happiness Pt.2
7. Confidence
8. Enough Is Never Enough
9. Wild Horses (Live)
10. I’m Really Into Techno
11. Pride In The Name Of Love*
12. Androgyny (Rough Mix March 14, 2001)*
13. Til The Day I Die (Demo Sept 14, 1999)*
14. Nobody Loves You (Rough Mix March 14, 2001)*
15. Breaking Up The Girl (Acoustic)
16. Silence Is Golden (Demo Sept 14, 1999)*
17. Can’t Cry These Tears (Rough Mix March 14, 2001)*
18. Shut Your Mouth (Live)
19. Begging Bone (Early Demo Mix)


CD3: Remixes
1. Shut Your Mouth (Jagz Kooner Radio Mix)*
2. Shut Your Mouth (Jolly Music Scary Full Vocal Mix)
3. Shut Your Mouth (Professor Reay Clubbed Dead Pig Mix)
4. Androgyny (Neptunes Remix)
5. Androgyny Felix Da Housecat (Thee Glitz Mix)
6. Androgyny (The Architechs Mix)
7. Breaking Up The Girl (Timo Maas Radio Mix)
8. Breaking Up The Girl (Brothers In Rhythm Radio Edit)
9. Breaking Up The Girl (The Scourge Of The Earth Rodeo Rave Remix by Jimmy Caulty)
10. Breaking Up The Girl (Black Dog Wounded By The Warbeast)
11. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Le Royale Mix)
12. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Mauve’s Dark Remix With Acapella edit)
13. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (DJEJ’s Go Go Jam by Eli Janney)
14. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Roger Sanchez Tha S-Man’s Release Mix (Radio) Edit)
15. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Howie B Remix)
16 Parade End Of Night Mix*

*previously unreleased