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UFO ピート・ウェイの訃報を受け、様々なミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表

2020/08/15 15:36掲載(Last Update:2020/08/16 11:25)
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Pete Way
Pete Way
UFOの創設メンバー、ピート・ウェイ(Pete Way)の訃報を受け、さまざまなミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表しています。



Very sad to hear of the passing of Pete Way today. The "Strangers In The Night" live album is hands-down one of my all-time favorites, and for me the highlight of the UFO lineup of that day. Pete and his girlfriend actually came to see Megadeth on the Clash of the Titans tour at the Birmingham NEC Arena in 1990 where Dave Mustaine and I had a brief conversation with him just before we took the stage that evening. It's always impactful to know your heroes are in the audience for your show, the same way I was for his show with Waysted opening for Iron Maiden several years before at Irvine Meadows, CA. Pete's look, his style, and his simple but powerful bass lines were a highly influential force to my own playing. He will be dearly missed....RIP! #ufo #peteway #waysted

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GOD BLESS PETE WAY • 1951 - 2O2O • tBLSt SDMF @petewayofficial #peteway

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