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ギャング・オブ・フォー アンディ・ギルの訃報を受け、さまざまなミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表

2020/02/02 12:08掲載(Last Update:2020/02/02 12:23)
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Andy Gill
Andy Gill
ギャング・オブ・フォー(Gang Of Four)のギタリスト、アンディ・ギル(Andy Gill)の訃報を受け、さまざまなミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表しています。



Andy Gill, one of my favorite guitar players of all time has left us. Go listen to the Gang of Four album ENTERTAINMENT right now. Turn that shit up loud and rock the fuck out. Dance. Think. Thats a record that changed my life forever, and was massively influential on my development as a musician, and showed me what a rock band could be. There is nothing else like it. It cut a fucking hole right the thick LA smog that I wanted to jump through. After not being in touch for many years, Andy and I had spoken recently, and communicated a lot of over the last several months about a Gang Of Four tribute album he was putting together. Myself, John Frusciante, and the youth choir from the Silverlake Conservatory of Music just finished recording a track for it, and sent in to Andy on Monday. I am shocked. Andy was one of my heroes, a man who inspired the shit out of Hillel, Anthony and I as youngsters; I was thrilled beyond belief when he agreed to produce our first album. May his beautiful soul be in bliss with the divine, I love you Andy.

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