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「ロッキー・エリクソンの必聴曲 10選」 米ビルボード誌発表

2019/06/02 12:45掲載
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Roky Erickson
Roky Erickson
米ビルボード誌は、13thフロア・エレヴェイターズ(13th Floor Elevators)の中心人物ロッキー・エリクソン(Roky Erickson)の追悼企画として「ロッキー・エリクソンの必聴曲 10選」を発表。

●The 13th Floor Elevators, “You’re Gonna Miss Me” (The 13th Floor Elevators, 1966)

●The 13th Floor Elevators, “Roller Coaster” (The 13th Floor Elevators, 1966)

●The 13th Floor Elevators, “Slip Inside This House” (Easter Everywhere, 1967)

●The 13th Floor Elevators, “(I’ve Got) Levitation” (Easter Everywhere, 1967)

●Roky Erickson and the Aliens, “Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)” (The Evil One, 1981)

●Roky Erickson, “Bermuda” (Don’t Slander Me, 1986)

●Roky Erickson, “Starry Eyes” (Don’t Slander Me, 1986)

●Roky Erickson, “I Have Always Been Here Before” (Gremlins Have Pictures, 1986)

●Roky Erickson & Okkervil River, “Be and Bring Me Home” (True Love Cast Out All Evil, 2010)