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マイク&ザ・メカニックス 過去曲を現ラインナップで新録&新曲を収めた新アルバムを4月発売

2019/02/17 09:50掲載
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Mike + The Mechanics / Out of the Blue
Mike + The Mechanics / Out of the Blue
ジェネシス(Genesis)マイク・ラザフォード(Mike Rutherford)率いるマイク&ザ・メカニックス(Mike + The Mechanics)。新アルバム『Out of the Blue』を海外で4月5日発売。リリース元はBMG

スタジオ・アルバムのリリースは2017年の『Let Me Fly』以来。

Mike + The Mechanics:

Mike Rutherford - bass, guitars, backing vocals
Anthony Drennan- guitars, bass
Tim Howar - vocals
Luke Juby- keyboards, backing vocals, bass, saxophone, whistler
Andrew Roachford - vocals, keyboards
Gary Wallis - drums

■『Out of the Blue』

<Disc: 1>
1. One Way
2. Out of the Blue
3. What Would You Do
4. The Living Years
5. Beggar on a Beach of Gold
6. Get Up
7. Another Cup of Coffee
8. All I Need Is a Miracle
9. Silent Running
10. Over My Shoulder
11. Word of Mouth

<Disc: 2>
1. Don't Know What Came Over Me (Acoustic)
2. The Best Is Yet to Come (Acoustic)
3. The Living Years (Acoustic)
4. Beggar on a Beach of Gold (Acoustic)
5. Another Cup of Coffee (Acoustic)
6. Over My Shoulder (Acoustic)