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SUM 41 2015年7月復活ライヴより「Fat Lip」のオフィシャル・ライヴ映像を公開

2016/02/14 02:10掲載
SUM 41
SUM 41
SUM 41が2015年7月19日に行った3年ぶりの復活ライヴより、当日のラスト・ナンバー「Fat Lip」のオフィシャル・ライヴ映像が公開

this show at Chain Reaction was a very significant one for me personally. it was the first Sum 41 show post-hospital and our first in almost 3 years. i was pretty nervous at first, but after we got going i realized there was nothing to fear. the band played great, but more importantly the crowd was crazy and sang every word louder than we could play! i felt the love and overwhelming support and i’m glad i could share that special night with such a small intimate crowd who were fucking nuts! thank you for being there. #fbf

Posted by Sum 41 on 2016年2月12日