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2016/01/24 02:19掲載
The Cure / Disintegration
The Cure / Disintegration
ザ・キュアー(The Cure)の1989年作『Disintegration』の全曲カヴァー音源が無料DL可。海外のカヴァー曲紹介サイトCover Meの企画で、同作に収録された12曲を14組のミュージシャンがそれぞれカヴァーした音源が入手できます


Blacklist Royals - Plainsong (The Cure cover)
Seven Saturdays - Plainsong (The Cure cover)
Caroline Corn - Pictures of You (The Cure cover)
Stripmall Architecture - Closedown (The Cure cover)
Nataly Dawn - Lovesong (The Cure cover)
Kumbia Queers - Kumbia Dark - Lovesong ( The Cure cover)
Stolearm - Last Dance (The Cure cover)
Music Box Mania - Lullaby (The Cure cover)
Xu Xu Fang - Fascination Street (The Cure cover)
Halo in Reverse - Prayers for Rain (The Cure cover)
Vlis7 - The Same Deep Water as You (The Cure cover)
Big Blood - Disintegration (The Cure cover)
Stoned Jesus - Homesick (The Cure cover)
Eating Cake with Friends - Untitled (The Cure cover)