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2016/01/19 14:23掲載(Last Update:2016/01/20 13:42)
Glenn Frey
Glenn Frey
グレン・フライ(Glenn Frey)の訃報を受け、さまざまなアーティストが追悼コメントをツイッターやFacebookページにて発表しています。ドン・ヘンリー、J.D.サウザー、ブライアン・ウィルソン、ドゥービー・ブラザーズ、ブライアン・メイ、デイヴィッド・カヴァデール、フー・ファイターズ、ベット・ミドラー、スティーヴ・ルカサー、ポール・スタンレー、キャロル・キング、シェリル・クロウほか


“He was like a brother to me; we were family, and like most families, there was some dysfunction. But, the bond we...

Posted by Don Henley on 2016年1月18日

Glenn Frey was my first songwriting partner and best friend when we set out to realize our dreams of making great music...

Posted by JD Souther on 2016年1月18日

I was shocked to hear about Glenn Frey passing away – it was a real blow to hear. The Eagles had so many great songs and...

Posted by Brian Wilson on 2016年1月18日

Glenn Frey’s passing leaves another tremendous void in the Rock world. Glenn Frey and Don Henley were the founders,...

Posted by The Doobie Brothers on 2016年1月18日

Oh NO!! Now Glenn Frey?!?? WTF. This sucks. Rest in Peace Glenn. So sorry to hear.

Posted by Billy Sheehan on 2016年1月18日

Rest in peace, Glenn...thank you for your amazing music <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_2qibx9IPo

Posted by Al Jardine on 2016年1月18日

R.I.P Glenn Frey

Posted by Richie Kotzen on 2016年1月18日

"We have lost another legend in the music business. Glenn Frey was part of the fabric of mine, Wendy's and Chynna's...

Posted by Wilson Phillips on 2016年1月18日

Another great gone too soon. RIP Glenn Frey, your songs will live on but you shall be forever missed.

Posted by Survivor Music (Official FB Page) on 2016年1月18日

So sad to see your childhood music heroes pass on. Goodbye Glenn Frey - The Eagles were one of my favorite groups...

Posted by Michael Sweet on 2016年1月18日

Bobb got me this for Christmas a few years back + also took me to see them play at the Forum when it reopened in 2014. Thanks for the tunes, Glenn

Posted by Best Coast on 2016年1月18日

Take it easy, Glenn....

Posted by Night Ranger on 2016年1月18日

R.I.P. Glenn Frey... From one My all time Favourite Bands.I cannot believe what has happened over this last month...We...

Posted by Julian Lennon on 2016年1月18日

I’m shocked. He was a brilliant songwriter, obviously, and a really good guy. He was talented, funny, cynical and sweet,...

Posted by Huey Lewis & The News on 2016年1月18日

RIP - GLENN FREY GUITARIST WITH THE EAGLES has died at 67 Founding member of The Eagles, Glenn, co-wrote and sang on...

Posted by Brian May on 2016年1月18日

I'm in shock. Glenn Frey of the Eagles has died.

Posted by Wishbone Ash on 2016年1月18日


Posted by Disturbed on 2016年1月18日

People I respect and love are just leaving us too fast ,, Now we have Lost Glenn Frey who was a member of the Eagles ....

Posted by Meat Loaf on 2016年1月18日

R.I.P Glenn FreyA songwriters songwriter..

Posted by Kip Winger on 2016年1月18日

Holy mother of God:Seriously, Glenn Frey is Dead, he's gone?I'm stunned, again. This is really earth shaking to me...

Posted by RATT on 2016年1月18日

I'm so sad to hear of the loss of the talented Glenn Frey. The Eagles played a great part in my love of music when I...

Posted by Olivia Newton-John on 2016年1月18日

Another legend is gone, but your music will live on forever. Our condolences to Glenn's family, friends and fans. RIP Glenn Frey. #eagles #glennfrey #RIP

Posted by Queensryche on 2016年1月18日

How terribly sad to hear of Glenn Frey's passing. What a grand musical spirit. My heart goes out to his friends and family for their tremendous loss. Blessings, Robbie

Posted by Robbie Robertson on 2016年1月19日