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The Original Blues Brothers Band / The Last Shade of Blue Before Black
The Original Blues Brothers Band / The Last Shade of Blue Before Black
スティーヴ “ザ・コロネル” クロッパーやルー “ブルー・ルー” マリーニらが参加するオリジナル・ブルース・ブラザーズ・バンド(The Original Blues Brothers Band)が新アルバム『The Last Shade of Blue Before Black』を海外で10月6日発売。リリース元はSevern Records。

レコーディングは米ニュージャージー州ホーボーケンで行われ、ルー・マリーニ、スティーヴ・クロッパー、オリジナル・ブルース・ブラザーズ・バンドによってプロデュースされています。アルバムにはドクター・ジョン(Dr. John)エディ・フロイド(Eddie Floyd)ジョー・ルイス・ウォーカー(Joe Louis Walker)、マット・"ギター"・マーフィーらが参加。
●The Original Blues Brothers Band:

Steve “The Colonel” Cropper - guitar

John “Smokin’ John” Tropea – guitar

Eric “The Red” Udel – bass

Lee “Funkytime” Finkelstein – drums

Leon “The Lion” Pendarvis – organ

Rusty “Cloudmeister” Cloud - clavinet, Wurlitzer, piano and organ

Steve “Catfish” Howard – trumpet
Larry “Trombonious” Farrell – trombone

Lou “Blue Lou” Marini – saxophones

Bobby “Sweet Soul” Harden – vocals

Tommy “Pipes” McDonnell - vocals and harmonica

Rob “The Honeydripper” Paparozzi - vocals and harmonica

●『The Last Shade of Blue Before Black』

<Track Listing and Additional Credits>

Baby, What You Want Me To Do - Music & lyrics by Jimmy Reed (Conrad Music/The Seeds of Reed Music, BMI) Arranged by Lou Marini Bobby, Tommy and Rob-vocals, John Tropea-guitar solo, Rob Paparozzi-harp, Tom Malone-trumpet, Baron Raymonde-alto sax

Cherry Street - Music & lyrics by Delbert McClinton, Kevin McKendree & Gary Nicholson (East Folks Music, BMI/ASCAP). Arranged by Lou Marini Tommy “Pipes’ McDonnell-lead vocal, Birch Johnson-trombone, Baron Raymonde-alto sax & solo

On a Saturday Night - Music & lyrics by Eddie Floyd & Steve Cropper (Irving Music, BMI) Arranged by Tom Malone Eddie Floyd-lead vocal, Tom Malone-baritone sax
Itch and Scratch - Music & lyrics by Ronald Hayes & Toby King (Gulf Coast Music LLC) Arranged by Lou Marini and The Original Blues Brothers Band Bobby “Sweet Soul” Harden-lead vocal, Rob, Tommy & Rusty-background vocals, Baron Raymonde-alto sax

Don’t Go No Further - Music & lyrics by Willie Dixon (Hoochie Coochie Music, BMI) Horn arr. by Lou Marini, rhythm arr. by The Original Blues Brothers Band Joe Louis Walker-lead vocal, Rob Paparozzi-chromatic harp, Tommy McDonnell harp solo, Steve Howard-trumpet solo, Matt “Guitar” Murphy-guitar solo

You Left the Water Running - Music & lyrics by Dan Penn, Rick Hall & Oscar Franks (Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc., BMI.) Arranged by Tom Malone Bobby “Sweet Soul” Harden-lead vocal, Tommy, Rob & Lou-background vocals, Lou Marini-tenor sax solo, Tom Malone-baritone sax, David Spinozza-acoustic guitar

Don’t Forget About James Brown - Music & lyrics by Eddie Floyd (Irving Music, BMI) Arranged by Leon Pendarvis Eddie Floyd & Tommy “Pipes” McDonnell-lead vocals, Baron Raymonde-alto sax, Tom Malone-baritone sax, Larry Farrell-trombone solo

Sex Machine - Music & lyrics by James Brown, Bobby Byrd & Ronald Lenhoff (Dynatone Publishing Co., BMI.) Arranged by Paul Shaffer & Tom Malone Paul “The Shiv” Shaffer-lead vocal and piano solo, David Spinozza-guitar, Tom Malone-trumpet

Your Feet’s Too Big - Music by Fred Fisher, lyrics by Ada Benson with extra lyrics by Fats Waller (Morley Music Co/Sony ATV Tunes LLC, ASCAP) Arranged by Lou Marini and The Original Blues Brothers Band Rob Paparozzi-lead vocal & bass harmonica, Rusty Cloud-piano solo, Lou Marini-clarinet

21st Century Baby - Music & lyrics by Rob Paparozzi (Robodripper Tunes, SESAC) Arranged by John Tropea Rob Paparozzi-lead vocal, Baron Raymonde-alto sax, Tom Malone-trumpet & baritone sax

Blues in My Feet - Music & lyrics by Rusty Cloud (Stousefouse Music, BMI) Rusty Cloud-lead vocal, Tom Malone-baritone sax, Rob Paparozzi-harp solo

Qualified - Music & lyrics by Jessie Hill & Malcom Rebennack (Warner-Tamerlane Publishing OBO Skull Music, ASCAP) Arranged by Lou Marini Dr. John “The Nite Tripper”-lead vocal and piano, Bobby, Tommy, Rob & Rusty -background vocals, Birch Johnson-trombone, Baron Raymonde-alto sax, Lou Marini-baritone sax & tenor sax solo

I Got My Mojo Working - Music and lyrics by Preston Foster (ARC Music/Dare Music, Inc., BMI) Arranged by Lou Marini Rob Paparozzi, Bobby Harden, Joe Morton & Tommy McDonnell-lead vocals, The Original Blues Brothers Band-background vocals, Rusty Cloud-organ solo, Tom Malone-trumpet

The Last Shade of Blue Before Black - Music & lyrics by Lou Marini (Hip Pickles Music ASCAP) Arranged by Lou Marini and The Original Blues Brothers Band Lou Marini-lead vocal, Bobby, Tommy, Rob & Rusty-background vocals, John Tropea-guitar solo, Lou Marini-tenor sax solo