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プリテンダーズ、Run-D.M.C.、アリソン・モイエほか <Isle of Wight Festival 2017>のライヴ映像公開

2017/06/11 03:01掲載(Last Update:2017/06/22 17:06)
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Isle of Wight Festival 2017
Isle of Wight Festival 2017
プリテンダーズ、Run-D.M.C.、アリソン・モイエ、スターセイラー、レイザーライトほかが、英国で今週末に開催されているフェス<Isle of Wight Festival 2017>に出演。当日のパフォーマンスからオフィシャル・ライヴ映像が各1曲ずつ公開されています

The Pretenders Performing Brass in Pocket

RunDMC Performing Walk This Way

Alison Moyet Performing All Cried Out

Starsailor Performing Silence is Easy

Razorlight Performing Before I Fall to Pieces

Space performing Female of the Species

Mel C Performing Say You'll Be There

Jack Savoretti performing Back Where I Belong

Texas performing Say What You Want

Showhawk performing Adagio for Strings