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2016/03/10 00:19掲載(Last Update:2016/03/10 14:18)
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George Martin
George Martin
ジョージ・マーティン(George Martin)の訃報を受け、さまざまなアーティストが追悼コメントを自身のツイッターやFacebookページにて発表しています。



George Martin was a gentleman above all. May he rest in peace. He was so kind to Dhani and me and of course our George...

George Harrisonさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

Sir George Martin RIPPhotograph by Richard Saker

Jimmy Pageさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

Goodbye George Martin, thanks for producing the music that changed my world and everyone else's. Photo taken by me backstage at the Buckingham Palace Silver Jubilee #georgemartin #beatles

Bryan Adamsさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

There's "the best" and then there's "the best of the best". RIP Sir George Martin. Thank you for helping to blow our minds.

Scott Holidayさんの投稿 2016年3月8日

Really sad to lose George Martin, a brilliantly creative musical maestro who explored and expanded what music was and...

Peter Gabrielさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

God Bless Sir George Martin

The Blue Nile (Official)さんの投稿 2016年3月9日

RIP George Martin - the definition of a record producer - modest, knowledgable, personable, diplomatic - a gentleman.

Richard Thompson - RTさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

RIP George Martin. He wrote "Theme One" which was a great orchestral piece that was played at night, at the end of BBC...

Van Der Graaf Generatorさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

"The Beatles were definitely an influence on the Ramones - despite the famous story about Johnny Ramone throwing rocks...

Ramonesさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

2 beautiful and talented men in the same room- what an honor to part of that generation and peers-i feel sad and alone...

Dave Daviesさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

RIP SIR GEORGE MARTIN. Some of the greatest music of all time wouldn't have been the same without you The Beatles

Paul Stanleyさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

R.I.P. Sir George Martin. in my opinion, the greatest record producer ever.

Adrian Belewさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

RIP GEORGE MARTINThe passing of another one of my great heroes and a wonderful person to have known.

Phil Manzaneraさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

Just read the news about George Martin. The greatest producer of all time and the 5th Beatle. You will be missed, sir.

Mobyさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

Today The Bangles join with much of the world in honoring the life and mourning the loss of the incomparable Sir George...

The Banglesさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

@uriah_heepHe raised the bar on recording, producing and arranging with the Beatles. He was true trailblazer, and a very modest man. RIP George!

Uriah Heepさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

I am so sad hearing the news about Sir George Martin. He was an incredible producer and always a gentleman, one of the...

Peter Framptonさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

God bless George Martin. I was sad to hear the news that he had left us. His magnificent talent that enhanced and...

Eric Johnsonさんの投稿 2016年3月9日

"I'm deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sir George Martin. I literally bumped into George at an EMI reception...

Al Jardineさんの投稿 2016年3月9日