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「カート・コバーンの必聴レア音源 15選」を米ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLYが発表

2015/11/16 23:35掲載
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Kurt Cobain & Cat
Kurt Cobain & Cat
カート・コバーン(Kurt Cobain)の必聴レア音源 15選」を米国の総合エンターテイメント情報誌ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLYのサイトが発表

●“Oh, the Guilt”
From 1992, a noisy and infectious bridge between Nevermind and In Utero.

●“Pen Cap Chew”
A thudding monster built around a Sabbath-esque riff that makes Nirvana sound more like Soundgarden.

●“I Hate Myself and Want to Die”
Cobain wanted to use this title for the album that became In Utero. Ironically, it’s one of the more jubilant three minutes in the Nirvana canon.

●“Spank Thru”
The first composition that truly sounds like Nirvana, from a 1985 Cobain demo with his band Fecal Matter.

A wordy punk sprint initially left off Bleach.

●“Old Age”
The only song ever credited to Cobain and Courtney Love, originally demoed as part of Nevermind but later recorded as a Hole b-side with an entirely new lyric sheet.

●“Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flowing Through the Strip”
A moody, meandering noise track left off In Utero, though it did make it onto the track listing of the international editions.

A sticky melody that could have easily stood next to the Nevermind singles.

●“Clean Up Before She Comes”
A simple solo demo that nevertheless features a brilliantly hypnotic vocal, with Cobain harmonizing with himself.

●“Do Re Mi”
Alternately titled “Dough, Ray and Me,” it’s probably the last thing ever recorded by Cobain-a pretty acoustic folk ditty captured on tape only a few weeks before his death.

●“Moist Vagina”
A screamer scrapped from the In Utero sessions.

●“If You Must”
A shape-shifter that shows off both extremes of Cobain’s vocal range: the low-light croon and the hellish wail.

●“Rape Me”
The live version that showed up in 1991 features a face-melting guitar solo where the studio version’s “My favorite inside source” section is.

●“Bambi Slaughter”
Though raw and plodding, this early Fecal Matter demo still shows off the power of Kurt’s guitar (and his dark humor).

●“My Best Friend’s Girl”
A faithful, sweet Cars cover that kicked off what ended up being Nirvana’s final concert.