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ニルヴァーナ(Nirvana)のレア音源をアップしているYouTubeアカウントRareNirvanaが新たな音源/映像を9つアップ。1987年リハーサル音源8つと、1993年ブラジル<Hollywood Rock Festival>の映像

<1987 Rehearsal>
Recorded in Summer, 1987 - Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA, US
Aaron Burckhard on drums.

●Hairspray Queen (1987 Rehearsal)

●White Lace And Strange (1987 Rehearsal)

●Floyd The Barber (1987 Rehearsal)

●Spank Thru (1987 Rehearsal)

●Pen Cap Chew (1987 Rehearsal)

●Love Buzz (1987 Rehearsal)

●Downer (1987 Rehearsal)

●Mexican Seafood (1987 Rehearsal)

<Hollywood Rock Festival 1993>
●Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro 1993 (Soundcheck)
01/23/93 - Praca da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

0:00 Scentless Apprentice (cuts in)
4:16 Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip
9:09 Jam (Kurt solo)