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フランク・ザッパのライヴ映像作品『ROXY - The Movie』がDVD/Blu-ray化

2015/09/11 00:10掲載(Last Update:2015/09/16 04:08)
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Frank Zappa / ROXY - The Movie
Frank Zappa / ROXY - The Movie
フランク・ザッパ(Frank Zappa)のライヴ映像作品『ROXY - The Movie』。長年リリースが期待されていた本作のDVD/Blu-ray化がついに実現。海外で10月30日に発売される予定です。リリース元はEagle Rock Entertainment/Zappa's Honker Home Video。本作は1973年12月にハリウッドのThe Roxyで行われたコンサートの模様を収めた作品。

トレーラー映像がEagle RockのYouTubeチャンネルでも公開されています

Breaking News: Frank Zappa - Roxy: The Movie. Set for release on October 30th. A Frank Zappa show goes way beyond a...

Posted by Eagle Rock Entertainment on 2015年9月10日
●『ROXY - The Movie』

[Track List]

"Cosmik Debris"
"Penguin in Bondage"
"T'Mershi Duween"
"Inca Roads"
"Echidna's Arf (Of You)"
"Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?"
"I'm the Slime"
"Big Swifty"
"Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen's Church)"


Written, directed, and conducted by Frank Zappa, as well as produced by him, Gail Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, and Jeff Stein, Roxy: The Movie stars Zappa, The Mothers, and their mesmerizing musicianship.

The film contains some of his most challenging instrumentals, expertly executed by himself (lead guitar, vocals), Jeff Simmons (rhythm guitar, vocals), Napoleon Murphy Brock (flute, tenor saxophone, vocals), George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Don Preston (synthesizer), Bruce Fowler (trombone, dancer), Walt Fowler (trumpet, bass trumpet), Tom Fowler (bass guitar), Ralph Humphrey (drums), Chester Thompson (drums), and Ruth Underwood (percussion).