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APHEX SWIFT - Aphex Twin vs. Taylor Swift
APHEX SWIFT - Aphex Twin vs. Taylor Swift
エイフェックス・ツイン(Aphex Twin)テイラー・スウィフト(Taylor Swift)のマッシュアップ・トラックが計7曲無料DL可。手がけたのはDavid Reesで、自身のsoundcloudページにAPHEX SWIFT名義のマッシュアップ・トラックをアップしています

●We Are Never Ever Getting Girl/Boygether
Girl/Boy Song" (Aphex Twin) vs. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (Taylor Swift)

"Fingerbib" (Aphex Twin) vs. "22" (Taylor Swift)

●Everything Has Cornmouthed
"Corn Mouth" (Aphex Twin) vs. "Everything Has Changed" (Taylor Swift)

●Why You Gotta Be So Flim
"Flim" (Aphex Twin) vs. "Mean" (Taylor Swift)

●To Cure A Weakling McGraw
To Cure A Weakling Child" (Aphex Twin) vs. "Tim McGraw" (Taylor Swift)

"Windowlicker" (Aphex Twin) vs. "Starlight" (Taylor Swift)

4" (Aphex Twin) vs. "Trouble" (Taylor Swift)