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ポール・バターフィールド・ブルース・バンド(The Paul Butterfield Blues Band)の65年デビューアルバムと、ピーター・ポール&マリー(Peter, Paul and Mary)の63年3rdアルバム『In the Wind』がAUDIO FIDELITY社からハイブリッドSA-CD仕様で再発。ナンバリング入り限定盤。海外で9月16日発売予定
●『The Paul Butterfield Blues Band』

1. Born in Chicago
2. Shake Your Money-Maker
3. Blues with a Feeling
4. Thank You Mr. Poobah
5. Got My Mojo Working
6. Mellow Down Easy
7. Screamin'
8. Our Love Is Drifting
9. Mystery Train
10. Last Night
11. Look Over Yonders Wall

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Produced by Paul Rothchild with Mark Abramson

●『In The Wind 』

1. Very Last Day
2. Hush-A-Bye
3. Long Chain On
4. Rocky Road
5. Tell It on the Mountain
6. Polly Von
7. Stewball
8. All My Trials
9. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
10. Freight Train
11. Quit Your Low Down Ways
12. Blowin' in the Wind

Remastered by Steve Hoffman at Marsh Mastering
Produced by Albert Grossman