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Nicko McBrain
Nicko McBrain
アイアン・メイデン(Iron Maiden)のドラマー、ニコ・マクブレイン(Nicko McBrain)の活躍が光るメイデン楽曲のベストリスト「TOP 10 NICKO MCBRAIN IRON MAIDEN SONGS
」を米クラシック・ロック系サイトUltimate Classic Rockが発表

10. New Frontier
From: ‘Dance of Death’ (2003)

9. Mission from ‘arry
From: Single (1984)

8. Sign of the Cross
From: ‘The X-Factor’ (1995)

7. Dune (To Tame a Land)
From: ‘Piece of Mind’ (1983)

6. Be Quick or Be Dead
From: ‘Fear of the Dark’ (1992)

5. Brighter than a Thousand Suns
From: ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ (2006)

4. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
From: ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ (1988)

3. Powerslave
From: ‘Powerslave' (1984)

2. Alexander the Great
From: ‘Somewhere in Time’ (1986)

1. Where Eagles Dare
From: ‘Piece of Mind’ (1983)