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ポップ・グループ マーク・スチュワートの新作ソロ『The Politics of Envy』、全曲フル試聴実施中

2012/03/26 16:06掲載(Last Update:2012/04/04 23:41)
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Mark Stewart / Politics of Envy
Mark Stewart / Politics of Envy
ポップ・グループ(The Pop Group)マーク・スチュワート(Mark Stewart)の新作ソロアルバム『The Politics of Envy』。全曲フル試聴実施中。4月1日頃まで。



●『The Politics of Envy』

01. Vanity Kills (with Kenneth Anger、Richard Hell&KAHN)
02. Autonomia (with PRIMAL SCREAM)
03. Gang War (with Lee'Scratch'Perry & Tessa Pollit from SLITS)
04. Codex
05. Want (with Youth、Kirsten Reynolds from PROJECT DARK、FACTORY FLOOR&KAHN)
06. Gustav Says
07. Baby Bourgeois
08. Method To The Madness
09. Apocalypse Hotel (with Daddy G from MASSIVE ATTACK)
10. Letter to Hermione
11. Stereotype (with Nik Void from FACTORY FLOOR & Gina Birch from RAINCOATS)