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ボストンの『Don't Look Back』が180グラム重量盤LPで再発

2013/10/12 12:14掲載
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Boston / Don't Look Back
Boston / Don't Look Back
トム・ショルツ(Tom Scholz)率いるボストン(Boston)の78年作『Don't Look Back』が180グラム重量盤LPで再発。リリース元はMusic on Vinyl。海外で10月21日発売予定
●『Don't Look Back』

・180 gram audiophile vinyl
・Gatefold sleeve
・Lyric sheet


*Side One

Don't Look Back
The Journey
It's Easy
A Man I'll Never Be

*Side Two

Feelin' Satisfied
Used To Bad News
Don't Be Afraid