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トラフィック『Last Exit』が180グラム高音質盤LPで再発

2013/02/27 09:49掲載
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Traffic / Last Exit
Traffic / Last Exit
トラフィック(Traffic)の69年作3rdアルバム『Last Exit』が発売45周年記念で180グラム高音質盤LPで再発。Friday Musicからのリリース。オリジナル・マスターテープからの新規リマスタリングで、マスタリングはJoe ReagosoとKevin Grayが担当。発売は海外で4月16日予定
●『Last Exit』

・Limited Edition 45th Anniversary Reissue
・180g Audiophile Vinyl
・Mastered from Original Island Records Tapes
・Mastered by Joe Reagoso at at Friday Music Studios with Kevin Gray
・Rare gatefold cover Includes Original UK Gatefold photos of Dave Mason, Stevie Winwood, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi (while supplies last)
・First Time on 180g Vinyl

1. Just For You
2. Shanghai Noodle Factory
3. Something's Got A Hold Of My Toe
4. Withering Tree
5. Medicated Goo
6. Feelin' Good (from the musical production "The Roar Of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd)
7. Blind Man