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Iron Maiden / The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden / The Number of the Beast
アイアン・メイデン(Iron Maiden)のアルバム・エンディング曲を米Loudwireがランク付け。アルバム全17タイトルのエンディング曲をベストからワーストまでランキング形式で紹介。


17. "Mother Russia" [No Prayer for the Dying]
16. "The Unbeliever" [The X Factor]
15. "Journeyman" [Dance of Death]
14. "The Legacy" [A Matter of Life and Death]
13. "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" [Brave New World]
12. "Hell on Earth" [Senjutsu]
11. "Como Estais Amigo" [Virtual XI]

10. "Alexander the Great" [Somewhere in Time]

9. "When the Wild Wind Blows" [The Final Frontier]

8. "Empire of the Clouds" [The Book of Souls]

7. "Iron Maiden" [Iron Maiden]

6. "Dune" / "To Tame a Land" [Piece of Mind]

5. "Fear of the Dark" [Fear of the Dark]

4. "Drifter" [Killers]

3. "Only the Good Die Young" [Seventh Son of a Seventh Son]

2. "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" [Powerslave]

1. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" [The Number of the Beast]