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Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
アイアン・メイデン(Iron Maiden)のアルバム・オープニング曲を米Loudwireがランク付け。アルバム全17タイトルのオープニング曲をベストからワーストまでランキング形式で紹介

17. "Different World"』(A Matter of Life and Death)
16. "Satellite 15/The Final Frontier" (The Final Frontier)
15. "Senjutsu" (Senjutsu)
14. "Sign of the Cross" (The X Factor)
13. "Wildest Dreams" (Dance of Death )
12. "Futureal" (Virtual XI)
11. "Tailgunner" (No Prayer For The Dying)

10. "Invaders" (The Number Of The Beast)

9. "The Ides of March" (Killers)

8. "The Wicker Man" (Brave New World)

7. "Caught Somewhere in Time" (Somewhere In Time)

6. "If Eternity Should Fail" (The Book of Souls)

5. "Prowler" (Iron Maiden)

4. "Be Quick or Be Dead" (Fear of the Dark)

3. "Where Eagles Dare" (Piece Of Mind)

2. "Moonchild" (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)

1. "Aces High" (Powerslave)