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PJハーヴェイ レア音源ボックスセットから「Naked Cousin (Demo)」「Who Will Love Me Now?」「Nina In Ecstasy 2」公開

2022/09/29 20:22掲載
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PJ Harvey / B-Sides, Demos and Rarities
PJ Harvey / B-Sides, Demos and Rarities
PJハーヴェイ(PJ Harvey)は、Bサイド、デモ、レア音源をまとめたボックスセット『B-Sides, Demos and Rarities』から新たに「Naked Cousin (Demo)」「Who Will Love Me Now?」「Nina In Ecstasy 2」を公開。

Naked Cousin (Demo)

Who Will Love Me Now?

Nina In Ecstasy 2




ハーヴェイのヴィジュアル面でのパートナーといえるMaria Mochnaczによる未発表のアーカイブ写真も収録されます。

『B-Sides, Demos and Rarities』は、ハーヴェイがUMe/Islandと行ったリイシューキャンペーンの最終章を飾る作品です。




「Somebody’s Down, Somebody’s Name」

■『B-Sides, Demos and Rarities』

●Disc 1:
“Dry” (previously unreleased demo)
“Man-Size” (previously unreleased demo)
“Missed” (previously unreleased demo)
“Highway 61 Revisited” (previously unreleased demo)
“Me-Jane” (previously unreleased demo)
“Lying in the Sun”
“Somebody’s Down, Somebody’s Name”
“Darling Be There”
“One Time Too Many”
“Naked Cousin”
“Losing Ground”
“Who Will Love Me Now”
“Why D’ya Go to Cleveland” (previously unreleased)

●Disc 2:
“Instrumental #1”
“The Northwood”
“The Bay”
“Sweeter Than Anything”
“Instrumental #3”
“The Faster I Breathe the Further I Go” (4-track version)
“Nina in Ecstasy 2”
“Instrumental #2”
“This Wicket Tongue”
“66 Promises”
“As Close As This”
“My Own Private Revolution”
“Kick It to the Ground” (4-track)
“The Falling”
“The Phone Song”
“Bows & Arrows”

●Disc 3:
“Can on the Wall” (previously unreleased demo)
“You Come Through” (previously unreleased demo)
“Uh Huh Her” (previously unreleased demo)
“Evol” (previously unreleased demo)
“Liverpool Tide”
“The Big Guns Called Me Back Again”
“The Nightingale”
“Shaker Aamer”
“Guilty” (previously unreleased demo)
“I’ll Be Waiting” (previously unreleased demo)
“Homo Sappy Blues” (previously unreleased demo)
“The Age of the Dollar” (previously unreleased demo)
“The Camp”
“An Acre of Land”
“The Crowded Cell”
“The Sandman” (demo)
“The Moth” (demo)
“Red Right Hand”