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シェリル・クロウ ライヴ・アルバム『Live From the Ryman And More』から「Real Gone」のリリックビデオ公開

2021/06/04 13:38掲載
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Sheryl Crow / Live From the Ryman And More
Sheryl Crow / Live From the Ryman And More
シェリル・クロウ(Sheryl Crow)のライヴ・アルバム『Live From the Ryman And More』から「Real Gone」のリリックビデオ公開。



「Everyday Is A Winding Road」のリリックビデオ
■『Live From the Ryman And More』

1. Steve McQueen
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. All I Wanna Do
4. My Favorite Mistake
5. Tell Me When It’s Over
6. Everything Is Broken (featuring Jason Isbell)
7. Can’t Cry Anymore
8. Prove You Wrong (featuring Stevie Nicks, Maren Morris, Waddy Wachtel, Steve Jordan)
9. Run, Baby, Run (featuring Lucius)
10. Don’t (featuring Lucius)
11. Strong Enough (featuring Lucius)
12. Leaving Las Vegas
13. It Don’t Hurt
14. Still The Good Old Days
15. Cross Creek Road
16. Nobody’s Perfect (featuring Emmylou Harris)
17. Home
18. Maybe Angels
19. Real Gone
20. Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You/Na Na Song
21. Beware Of Darkness (featuring Brandi Carlile)
22. The First Cut Is The Deepest
23. Best Of Times
24. If It Makes You Happy
25. Soak Up The Sun
26. Everyday Is A Winding Road
27. I Shall Believe (featuring Lucius)