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ザ・カルト/マニックス/ワム!/フレディ・マーキュリー他 プロデューサーのスティーヴ・ブラウンが死去

2021/01/03 17:27掲載(Last Update:2021/01/03 17:28)
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Steve Brown
Steve Brown
ザ・カルト、マニック・ストリート・プリーチャーズ、ワム!、フレディ・マーキュリー、ABC、ザ・ポーグスなどを手掛けた、プロデューサーのスティーヴ・ブラウン(Steve Brown)が死去。ザ・カルトのSNSが訃報を伝えています。62歳でした。



ABC ("Tears are not Enough" top 20 single)

Wham! ("Fantastic" number 2 album. Singles included "Young Guns" "Bad Boys" "Club Tropicana")

Blue Rondo a la Turk (Hit album "Bees Knees & Chickens Elbows")

Joey Ramone & Holly Vincent (Cult cover of "I Got You Babe")

Haysi Fantayzee ( Hit album "Battle Hymns for Children Singing")

The Cult ("Love" number 4 album including "She Sells Sanctuary" & work on "Electric" album "The Manor Sessions")

The Angels ("Howling" hit Australian album)

Boom Crash Opera ("Great Wall" & "Hands Up" hit Australian singles)

Then Jerico ("Muscle Deep" hit single & album)

Balaam & the Angel ("Live Free or Die" & "Days of Madness". Ahead of their time great Rock albums)

The Godfathers ("Birth School Work Death" hit single & "Unreal World" album)

Alison Moyet ("Love Letters" number 4 Christmas single)

King Kurt ("Road to Rack and Ruin" Album)

Nuclear Valdez ("Dream Another Dream") album

Freddie Mercury ("The Great Pretender" number 4 album two tracks)

Manic Street Preachers ( Top 4 album "Generation Terrorist" 5 hit singles on this album including "Motorcycle Emptiness" & from The Holy Bible album "Yes" & "She is Suffering")

The Pogues ("Pogue Mahone" Their last but not their least album)

Mansun (Work on “Attack of the Grey Lantern”)

Randy Edelman (The "On Time" album for The Rocket Record Company)

The Gyres (Their first album "Sly". A fine British rock/pop album.)

The Snowdogs ("Deep Cuts, Fast Remedy" album for Victory Records, Chicago)

The Alarm ("In the Poppy Fields" album including "45rpm").