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The Disciples of Mary / Taste Of Candy EP
The Disciples of Mary / Taste Of Candy EP
ジーザス&メリー・チェイン(The Jesus And Mary Chain)のツアーを支えるスタッフ(ギター&ドラム・テック、ツアー・マネージャー、エンジニアほか)によるバンド、The Disciples of MaryのEP『Taste Of Candy EP』がBandcampで公開中。収録曲は、いずれもジーザス&メリー・チェインのカヴァーで、「I Hate Rock n Roll」と「Sidewalking」。

■『Taste Of Candy EP』

Simon Smith- Drums
Crew position- Tour Manager

Paul Brice - Drums
Crew position- Drum Tech

Alaric Lewis- bass guitar and Bvs
Crew position- guitar tech

Andy Lister(Ozzy)- guitar
Crew position- guitar tech

Allan Stewart - bass on I hate RnR
Crew position- guitar tech/

Mike Reina- Vocal 1st + 3rd Vrs
Crew position- Monitor engineer(USA)

Michael Brennan- Guitar noise/feedback + Backing Vocal
Crew position- FOH Sound Engineer

Davey Byers - Backing Vocal
Crew position- Lighting Designer

Gerry Colclough (Ted)- Vocal 2nd Vrs
Crew position- Monitor Engineer

Mixed by Michael Brennan

I Hate RnR
Mixed by Mike Reina

Produced by Michael Brennan
Mastered at Substation Studio
Artwork by Ash Swanson

All songs written by Jim Reid and William Reid (The Jesus and Mary Chain