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メガデスのデイヴィッド・エレフソン、AC/DCのカヴァー「Riff Raff」のミュージックビデオ公開

2020/11/25 14:29掲載
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Ellefson / No Cover
Ellefson / No Cover
メガデス(Megadeth)のベーシストであるデイヴィッド・エレフソン(David Ellefson)のソロ・プロジェクト、エレフソン(Ellefson)AC/DCのカヴァー「Riff Raff」のミュージックビデオを公開。このカヴァーはエルフソンのカヴァー・アルバム『No Cover』に収録。


■『No Cover』

01. Freewheel Burning (JUDAS PRIEST) (featuring Jason McMaster, Gus G, Andy James, Dave McClain)
02. Tear It Loose (TWISTED SISTER) (featuring Eddie Ojeda, Dave McClain)
03. Love Me Like A Reptile (MOTÖRHEAD) (featuring Doro Pesch, Greg Handevidt, Chuck Behler)
04. Holiday in Cambodia (DEAD KENNEDYS) (featuring Charlie Benante, Bumblefoot)
05. Rebel Yell (BILLY IDOL) (featuring Paolo Caridi)
06. Wasted (DEF LEPPARD) (featuring Frank Hannon, Jacob Bunton, Dave McClain)
07. Riff Raff (AC/DC) (featuring Jason McMaster, Dave Lombardo, Bumblefoot)
08. Nailed To The Gun (FIGHT) (featuring Andrew Freeman, Russ Parrish, Jimmy DeGrasso)
09. Not Fragile (BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE) (featuring John Aquilino, Paolo Caridi, Bumblefoot)
10. Auf Wiedersehen (CHEAP TRICK) (featuring Al Jourgensen, Brandon Yeagley, Charlie Benante)

Disc two:

01. L.O.V.E. Machine (W.A.S.P.) (featuring Dirk Verbeuren, Dave Alvin, Bumblefoot)
02. Love Hurts (NAZARETH) (featuring Brandon Yeagley, Chuck Behler, Tyson Leslie)
03. Eat The Rich (KROKUS) (featuring Jason McMaster, Dave Sharpe and Opus of DEAD BY WEDNESDAY)
04. Sheer Heart Attack (QUEEN) (featuring Bumblefoot, Doro Pesch, Charlie Benante)
05. Over The Mountain (OZZY OSBOURNE) (featuring Andrew Freeman, Bumblefoot, Jimmy DeGrasso)
06. Sweet FA (SWEET) (featuring Todd Kerns, Bumblefoot, Shani Kimelman)
07. Beth (KISS) (featuring Tyson Leslie, Bumblefoot)