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トゥーツ&ザ・メイタルズ トゥーツ・ヒバートの訃報を受け、様々なミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表

2020/09/13 17:38掲載
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Toots Hibbert
Toots Hibbert
ルーツ・レゲエのアイコン、トゥーツ&ザ・メイタルズ(Toots and the Maytals)の中心人物トゥーツ・ヒバート(Frederick Nathaniel "Toots" Hibbert)の訃報を受け、さまざまなミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表しています。

ミック・ジャガー、ザ・フー、ジギー・マーリー、マッシヴ・アタック、ロニー・ウッド、ウィリー・ネルソン、UB40、リヴィング・カラー、デボラ・ハリー、クエストラヴ、ザ・スペシャルズほか。Island RecordsやTrojan Recordsも発表しています


I was so sad to wake up this morning and hear about the passing of Toots Hibbert. Like so many people, I’ve loved his music my entire life. It was ubiquitous, playing at parties and gatherings. It felt like an element, like air. In 2003, I was asked to play on Toot’s new album, True Love. I was told that the Maytals were coming to the Barn to record. When Toots and the band arrived for the session, I was nervous and basically speechless. Toots was a ray of light, so kind and welcoming. The guys in the band hovered in the corner, smoking more ganja than I had ever seen consumed. We decided to play Sweet and Dandy. I was a bit mortified and confused as to why such an iconic song should be re-released, but we recorded it, and it was was a thrill. What happened next I will never forget for as long as I live. Toots was supposed to do a song with Willie Nelson, but Willie was not there of course. Toots began searching, playing different Willie songs deafeningly loud through the giant speakers in the barn, while a bunch of us stood next to him by the soundboard. He said that he had to believe every single word in order to sing a song, a lesson I’ll never forget. He heard “Still is Still Moving to Me” and liked the song, and then as I stood watching, he and the Maytals recorded that track, live in the barn. Willie added his vocal after the fact. As long as I live, I will never forget watching it all go down. On playback, the engineer turned the bass ALL the way up. I don’t even know how to describe how booming it was. The bass knob was pinned to the right and the speakers were on 10. I’ve never heard bass that loud in my life. The barn was literally shaking. My guts were shaking. It was incredible. Toots sang his vocal, moving and dancing with his body, embodying every single syllable, like an open tube to the cosmos. Thank you Toots for a lifetime of joy and blessings. Rest In Peace. : @david.corio

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rest easy king. Toots Hibbert

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