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a-haのマグス、ファウンテインズ・オブ・ウェインの「Troubled Times」をカヴァー

2020/05/11 18:02掲載
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Magne Furuholmen
Magne Furuholmen
a-haのマグスことマグネ・フルホルメン(Magne Furuholmen)ファウンテインズ・オブ・ウェイン(Fountains of Wayne)の「Troubled Times」をカヴァー。バンドへのトリビュートと、亡くなったアダム・シュレシンジャー(Adam Schlesinger)を偲んでカヴァー・ヴァージョンを自身のInstagramページで公開しています。


hey everyone, as a little treat for you i have recorded vocals for my version of troubled times, in collaboration with @mortenqvenild - a tribute to ‘the fountains of wayne’ and the loss of one of their songwriters, adam schlesinger, to the virus. i hope you like the final result. i like it a lot. what says i try to convince my record company to release this as a single?? hmm...do they still exist? (i mean singles, not the record company). well, if enough of you want me to, and say so, maybe i can convince them to do it. so vote with your fingers people! to give you some visuals to accompany the song, i took a stroll through the forest yesterday and shot some film-footage and stills of the undeniable miracle of spring happening around us, and then got my son thomas to string it together... walking through the woods i realised what a soothing effect nature has had on my through these last couple of months, and it got me thinking: how about we all make a collage-video for this song - together!? it would be a kind of document of the troubled times we have experienced together apart. i could set up a website for uploading footage - and you could send me whatever you have found to symbolize this particular point in time...something hopeful for the future, something meaningful and/or important around you that has helped you cope. it could be a rather nice thing, no? well do let me know what you think. and, in the mean time; enjoy the song and video!

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