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【追悼ビル・ウィザース】米ビルボード誌と米ローリングストーン誌 ビル・ウィザースの必聴曲発表

2020/04/04 18:44掲載
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Bill Withers
Bill Withers

■米ビルボード誌 15 Greatest Songs

"Harlem" (Just As I Am, 1971)

"Ain't No Sunshine" (Just As I Am, 1971)

"Grandma's Hands" (Just As I Am, 1971)

"Hope She'll Be Happier" (Just As I Am, 1971)

"Lean on Me" (Still Bill, 1972)

"Use Me" (Still Bill, 1972)

"Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?" (Still Bill, 1972)

"Kissing My Love" (Still Bill, 1972)

"Let Me in Your Life" (Still Bill, 1972)

"I Can't Write Left-Handed" (Live at Carnegie Hall, 1973)

"You" (+'Justments, 1974)

"Can We Pretend" (+'Justments, 1974)

"Lovely Day" (Menagerie, 1977)

"Just the Two of Us" (Grover Washington Jr.'s Winelight, 1980)

"In the Name of Love" (Ralph MacDonald's Universal Rhythm, 1984)



■米ローリングストーン誌 10 Essential Songs

“Ain’t No Sunshine” (1971)

“Harlem” (1971)

“Grandma’s Hands” (1971)

“Hope She’ll Be Happier” (1971)

“Lean on Me” (1972)

“Use Me” (1972)

“Lovely Day” (1977)

“Tender Things” (1977)

“Just the Two of Us” (1981)

“In the Name of Love” (1984)