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2019/10/31 13:51掲載
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Duran Duran - Photo by Stephanie Pistel
Duran Duran - Photo by Stephanie Pistel
デュラン・デュラン(Duran Duran)ニック・ローズ(Nick Rhodes)ロジャー・テイラー(Roger Taylor)は、ハロウィンにあわせ、新たなSpotifyプレイリストを発表。



Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid

CJ & Co – The Devil’s Gun

Cameo – Rigor Mortis

Hot Blood – Soul Dracula

Souls Unlimited – The Raving Vampire

James Brown – Hell

Billy Preston – Creature Feature

Lee Perry & the Full Experience – Disco Devil

The Pop Group – She is Beyond Good and Evil

Brian Auger and The Trinity – Black Cat

The Temptations – Witchcraft (For Your Love)

Dusty Springfield – Spooky

R Dean Taylor – There’s a Ghost in my House