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2019/03/18 11:48掲載
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米ボルティモアの電子音楽/エクスペリメンタル・デュオ、マトモス(Matmos)が1時間の新ミックス音源を公開。英国の音楽誌The Wireのミックス企画の最新音源として公開されています

Mix track list:

Lechuga Zafiro “Para Abajo”
Errorsmith “Retired Low-Level Internal Server”
David Mason-Edwards “I Miss My Dear Cats”
Still “Rough Rider (Low Jack Remix)”
Second Woman “////\\\\\\\\/”
Matmos “Breaking Bread (Lechuga Zafiro Remix)”
Sarah Hennies “Falsetto”
Remko Schah “Throb”
Jürgen Bäuninger “The Tam Tam Tape”
CAGE “Kalatensis”
Kevin Drumm “October (Early Warning)”
Eberhard Schoener “Meditation, Part I”
A Random Guy ASMR “Lotion Sounds And Sticky Hand Sounds”
Reinhold Friedl “Crépuscule”
Free Association “Polyrhythm Jizm”
Yoko Ono “Don’t Count The Waves”
Walter Marchetti “Per La Sete Dell’Orecchio”
Arp “Folding Water”
Franz Kamin “Behavioural Drift II”
G*Park “Draht Intro”
Cranioclast “Lost in Karak”
Muslimgauze “Kabul”
Vaperror “Like Water”
Lily “42forfeb4bifb42”
Evil Moisture & Metalux with Twig Harper “Gummy Grinder”
Lanark Artefax “Remainder 1”
Mixed Band Philanthropist “The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly”
SEF III “Mnemonic Re-Treat (Part 2)”
SEF III “The Chase”
Max Eilbacher “Internal Logic Trick Fail”
Id M Theft Able “Birds”