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米ローリングストーン誌が「2018年の年間ベスト・ジャズ・アルバム TOP20」を発表

2018/12/13 15:00掲載
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The Bad Plus / Never Stop II
The Bad Plus / Never Stop II
米ローリングストーン誌が「2018年の年間ベスト・ジャズ・アルバム TOP20」を発表

20. Joshua Redman, Ron Miles, Scott Colley and Brian Blade, ‘Still Dreaming’
19. Andrew Cyrille, ‘Lebroba’
18. Kris Davis and Craig Taborn, ‘Octopus’
17. Anteloper, ‘Kudu’
16. Hailu Mergia, ‘Lala Belu’
15. JP Schlegelmilch, Jonathan Goldberger and Jim Black, ‘Visitors’
14. Kamasi Washington, ‘Heaven and Earth’
13. Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas Sound Prints, ‘Scandal’
12. Harriet Tubman, ‘The Terror End of Beauty’
11. James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor, ‘Radiant Imprints’

10. Houston Person and Ron Carter, ‘Remember Love’

9. Ray Angry, ‘One’

8. Dan Weiss, ‘Starebaby’

7. Various Artists, ‘We Out Here’

6. Charles Lloyd and the Marvels + Lucinda Williams, ‘Vanished Gardens’

5. Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh, ‘Sparrow Nights’

4. Makaya McCraven, ‘Universal Beings’

3. Wayne Shorter, ‘Emanon’

2. Cécile McLorin Salvant, ‘The Window’

1. The Bad Plus, ‘Never Stop II’