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Slayer with Phil Demmel
Slayer with Phil Demmel
スレイヤー(Slayer)のギタリスト、ゲイリー・ホルト(Gary Holt)は、瀕死の状態にあるという病気の父親を世話するために、現在は欧州で行われているスレイヤーのフェアウェル・ツアーから一時離脱。この間、代役を務めるのは、元マシーン・ヘッド(Machine Head)フィル・デンメル(Phil Demmel)。フィルが参加する最初のコンサートが12月3日にデンマークのコペンハーゲンで開催されています。当日のファン撮影の映像あり。


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Full circle. Karma. It’s so crazy how things work out. I got a text less than 24 hours after I played my last MH note. 11 years ago (almost to the day), I had to leave a tour to fly home and be with my family when my father passes away. Some amazing dudes stepped in to cover for me and to help the band out. I am filling in for a legend who was replaced a legend in a legendary band on their farewell tour. Despite the fact that Slayer is the reason I wanted to play heavy music, it’s beyond my utmost honor to asked to do this. Learning 19 songs (Not just songs, SLAYER songs) has been a daunting task and I have worked very hard to do Gary and the entire camp proud. As we all here send our love and support to @garyholt_official as he goes through a life altering time, the rallying this camp has done is amazing. Thank you all for your support as I grab the baton for a few shows and fly the Bay Area flag high on stage right. And lastly, the biggest hero is @martarino for being so selfless after having her partner home for 2 days, sends him off to follow this crazy dream. All hail the Queen.

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