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バズコックスのピート・シェリー 80年代初頭のソロ音源を収めた3LP『The Genetic Years』を6月発売

2018/05/28 05:56掲載
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Pete Shelley / The Genetic Years
Pete Shelley / The Genetic Years
バズコックス(Buzzcocks)での活躍でも知られるピート・シェリー(Pete Shelley)。1980年代初頭のソロ音源を収めたアナログレコード3枚組作品『The Genetic Years』が海外で6月15日発売。

●『The Genetic Years』


01. Homosapien
02. Yesterday's Not Here
03. I Generate A Feeling
04. Keats' Song
05. Qu’est-Que C’Est, Que Ca
06. I Don't Know What It Is
07. Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself
08. Pusher Man
09. Just One Of Those Affairs
10. It's Hard Enough Knowing


01. Telephone Operator
02. If You Ask Me (I Won't Say No)
03. What Was Heaven?
04. You Know Better Than I Know
05. Twilight
06. (Millions Of People) No One Like You
07. Many A Time
08. I Just Wanna Touch
09. You And I
10. XL1

☆extra tracks:

01. Homosapien dub
02. Maxine
03. Witness The Change
04. In Love With Somebody Else
05. Love In Vain
06. Qu’Est Que C’est Que Ca (Flexi Dub)
07. Witness The Change?/I Don't Know What It Is (dub mix)
08. Many A Time (dub)
09. Telephone Operator/I Just Wanna Touch/If You Ask Me(I Won’t Say No/Millions Of People/No One Like You(Dub Mix)