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Peter Murphy / 5 Albums
Peter Murphy / 5 Albums
バウハウス(Bauhaus)での活躍でも知られるピーター・マーフィー(Peter Murphy)の初期ソロ・アルバム5タイトルを収めたCD5枚組のボックスセット『5 Albums』が海外で6月22日発売。


・Should the World Fail to Fall Apart (1986年)
・Love Hysteria (1988年)
・Deep (1989年)
・Holy Smoke (1992年)
・Cascade (1995年)

●『5 Albums』


1. Canvas Beauty (Romance Version)
2. The Light Pours Out Of Me
3. Confessions
4. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
5. Never Man
6. God Sends
7. Blue Heart
8. The Answer Is Clear
9. Final Solution
10. Jemal

11. Canvas Beauty (Up Version)
12. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (Version 3)
13. Stay
14. Final Solution (Club Mix)
15. Tale Of The Tongue (Extended version)


1. All Night Long
2. His Circle And Hers Meet
3. Dragnet Drag
4. Socrates The Python
5. Indigo Eyes
6. Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
7. Blind Sublime
8. My Last Two Weeks
9. Fun Time

10. Tale Of The Tongue (Single Edit)
11. I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera
12. Critic’s Choice (previously unreleased demo)
13. All Night Long (U.S.A. Edit)
14. Socrates The Python (Demo)
15. Fun Time (Cabaret Mix) (Demo)


1. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
2. Shy
3. Crystal Wrists
4. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem
5. Seven Veils
6. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
7. Cuts You Up
8. A Strange Kind Of Love (Version One)
9. Roll Call

10. Roll Call (Reprise)
11. A Strange Kind Of Love (Version Two)
12. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat) (12” Remix)
13. Cuts You Up (U.S.A. Alternate Edit)
14. A Strange Kind Of Love (Remix Edit Version)
15. Deep Ocean Vast Sea (Instrumental)


1. Keep Me From Harm
2. Kill The Hate
3. You’re So Close
4. The Sweetest Drop
5. Low Room
6. Let Me Love You
7. Our Secret Garden
8. Dream Gone By
9. Hit Song
10. Volga Boatmen (Outro)

11. The Sweetest Drop (Rave Edit)
12. Cool Cool Breeze
13. You’re So Close (Radio Edit)
14. The Sweetest Drop (Radio Edit #1)
15. Hit Song (Single Edit)
16. The Sweetest Drop (Rave 12” Mix)


1. Mirror To My Woman’s Mind
2. Subway
3. Gliding Like A Whale
4. Disappearing
5. Mercy Rain
6. I’ll Fall with Your Knife
7. The Scarlet Thing In You
8. Sails Wave Goodbye
9. Wild Birds Flock to Me
10. Huuvola
11. Cascade

12. Wild Birds Flock To Me (Production Rough Mix)
13. Groovy Place (Demo)
14. Wish (Production Rough Mix)
15. Sail On White (Production Rough Mix)
16. Satin Nights (Cascade) (Production Rough Mix)