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2017/09/04 02:11掲載(Last Update:2017/09/04 20:35)
Walter Becker
Walter Becker
スティーリー・ダン(Steely Dan)での活躍でも知られるウォルター・ベッカー(Walter Becker)の訃報を受け、様々なミュージシャンが追悼コメントを発表


RIP #WalterBecker

Slashさん(@slash)がシェアした投稿 -

".....still holds the crown baby" rip #WalterBecker possibly one of my favorite architects of the 70s "FM" smooth sound. Took it for granted growing up ---before 10 I heard his music & Fagen's voice EVERYWHERE: supermarket, waiting rooms everywhere, cabs, offices, dentist chair, sporting events even (Sixers used to RUN "Peg" during Dr J's era) actually lol first time I got sent to principles office in 2nd grade was for "saying a bad word" (Hell, was a 4 letter word growing up & I didn't know who or what a "Peg" was but I knew someone in my class was going to "Helllllllllllllllllll" The first time we played w Michael McDonald a second after "man it's an honor" came "ok how long did Walt make you stack them vocals?" Walt was my first post "hey I dig these guys I wanna get em on a session" gig shortly after our Do you Want More album came out. I was all ready for him to make me do take after take after take like I heard he was notorious for---but uh shockingly he liked our loose playing and encouraged it. (Yeah I even tried to tune my drums Steely Dan low but he was like "I want you to sound like you, not like what we were doing way back then") This is a major loss man. An artist's artist. Someone who cared for the craft of music and pushing boundaries. They got a name for the winners in the world: his name is Becker

Questlove Gomezさん(@questlove)がシェアした投稿 -

#RIPWalterBecker Steely Dan is a huge part of my musical DNA

Talib Kweliさん(@talibkweli)がシェアした投稿 -