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2017/08/30 14:49掲載(Last Update:2017/09/04 19:50)
Jeff Scott Soto / Retribution
Jeff Scott Soto / Retribution
イングヴェイ・マルムスティーン(Yngwie Malmsteen)ジャーニー(Journey)タリスマン(Talisman)でも活動したシンガーのジェフ・スコット・ソート(Jeff Scott Soto)。新ソロ・アルバム『Retribution』を海外で11月10日、日本で10月25日発売予定。リリース元は海外はFrontiers Music srl、日本はネクサス/キングレコード。



Band members:

Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals, Keyboards
Howie Simon – Guitar, Bass (except on "Reign Again" and "Song For Joey")
Edu Cominato - Drums
August Zadra - Guitar on "Reign Again"
Stephen Sturm - Guitar on "Reign Again"
Carlos Costa - Bass on "Reign Again"
Paul Mendonca - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass on "Song For Joey"


01. Retribution
02. Inside/Outside
03. Rage Of The Year
04. Reign Again
05. Feels Like Forever
06. Last Time
07. Bullet For My Baby
08. Song For Joey
09. Breakout
10. Dedicate To You
11. Autumn